Ads on Top: Redefining Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH)

David Pal, CEO, Ads on TopDavid Pal, CEO
The name Ads on Top is a reflection of where the journey began. Ads on Top has grown from a company that placed printed, plastic signs on the rooftops of ride-share vehicles to an innovator in Out-of-Home advertising. Ads on Top changed their approach to OOH when they realized many companies no longer wanted to buy printed ads. As a result, network owners needed a digital ad management platform to service their advertisers’ specific targeting needs. “It looked very much as if people wanted to take the targeting capabilities of digital, mobile, and social advertising and bring it into Out-of-Home advertising,” recalled CEO, David Pal.

Digital OOH is very different from online advertising. They both use screens, but are different in nearly every other aspect. “I own my phone,” says Pal, “but someone else is buying advertising space on that screen.” In OOH advertising, someone needs to be paid for owning that physical advertising space. It’s a real estate-limited industry and solutions need to be tailored to the various locations and screen types. Ads on Top met that challenge by developing a revolutionary advertising platform designed for the industry as a whole. Pal outlines, “We turn any internet connected screen into an advertising platform.”

A network owner’s private platform acts as a central ecosystem from which their advertisers can plan and execute campaigns with ease. Each client interface is built with standard functions, and the option for customized features. This plug-and-play solution allows small networks and advertisers to have the same power as a major advertising agency. Pal elaborates, “It levels the playing field so that OOH is more democratized.”

We turn any internet connected screen into an advertising platform

There are four core features in the Ads on Top platform that sets it apart from the competition: a) client-facing dashboards that allow for easy campaign creation and monitoring, b) dynamic playlists and pricing tools, c) robust reporting tools that produce valuable insights, and d) compatibility with any simultaneous combination of different media players or screen types.

Dynamic playlists make it possible for advertisers to move away from the standard loop of images to a changing array of images whose display can depend on time and/or physical location. This provides extreme flexibility in scheduling geo-targeted and dayparted campaigns. Based on custom selections and dynamic prices, advertisements will distribute over a fleet or screen network. Networks can even set dynamic prices so that, for example, spaces at rush hour are more valuable than spaces at 3 A.M.

One of Ads on Top’s clients, a mobile digital billboard company, needed to display different ads in different zip codes. Previously, the client was uploading one image at a time, driving around one target area, and stopping to upload the next image before changing location. Now, with the Ads on Top platform, the images change automatically as the screen passes from one zip code to another. The image-location data is made immediately available to the client. This Ads on Top feature helped this client win a major contract.

Ads on Top doesn’t make a one-size-fits-all product. They are a client-focused business that takes the time to work with customers to deliver a customized solution that meets their evolving needs. With a work culture that pushes the envelope and isn’t afraid of failure, innovation is at the heart of everything they develop. Ads on Top’s ultimate goal is to usher in the day when OOH is an integral part of digital marketing campaigns everywhere.