Advanse: Programmatic Creative for Effective Digital Advertising

Steve Krol, Founder & CEO, AdvanseSteve Krol, Founder & CEO
With the world rapidly shifting from analog to digital, having an effective advertising campaign is imperative for organizations to achieve desired business outcomes. Companies are now increasingly embracing the growing force of digital marketing to gain business efficiency with effective advertising campaigns. However, most of the firms depend on manual advertising production which limits their ability to maximize media investments. A simple change in the ad campaign process takes two weeks, involving both the creative and media teams to re-traffic everything. “We call it the ‘update tax.’ Due to this, marketers hesitate to test or refine messaging, and utilize generic ad copy that results in inefficient marketing,” says Steve Krol, Founder and CEO, Advanse. Amid such circumstances, organizations are looking for a system that can reduce the costs and friction involved in managing digital advertising cam¬paigns. Founded with a mission to improve digital advertising effectiveness, Advanse automates all the aspects of ad production, without compromising on the creative output or client’s brand requirements.

Conceptualized as a content management system for digital ads, Advanse has transformed into a fully automated programmatic ad platform today. “We not only deliver a scalable ad management solution, but we also connect it to an advertiser’s valuable first party data and their programmatic media plan,” says Krol. “Advanse is a programmatic creative solution that utilizes marketing data, connects it to the client messaging, and delivers personalized ads. We are that last mile that pulls all this information into an advertiser’s messaging,” says Krol.

Advanse’s creative platform helps clients with the full ad management lifecycle and replaces the spreadsheet file management process.

We not only deliver a scalable ad management solution, but also connect it to an advertiser’s valuable first party data and their programmatic media plan

It streamlines digital advertising processes, allowing clients to invest time on performance improvement and maximizes digital investments.
The platform makes ad¬vertising creative and messaging scalable so that clients can execute new marketing strategies. The Advanse Creative Platform delivers powerful, data-driven and creative analytics with the flexibility of real-time updates—all wrapped in an easy to use interface. “Our CreativeIQ product provides clients with in-ad analytics, helping them understand the kinds of messages that will yield the best results, ultimately uncovering insights on ad performance,” asserts Krol. Detecting these performance patterns helps marketers understand how creative execution impacts performance and builds long term value by helping each round of creative messaging become smarter. Moreover, the company provides an agile marketing methodology called Advanse Accelerator that guides clients, ensuring that they have the shortest time-to-value and capture the benefits of Advanse quickly.

Additionally, Advanse’s solution team help’s clients realize sustainable value from programmatic creative. “From a metric perspective, we look at speed-to-market for new creative messages, update time for existing creative in market, and ad production costs as well as creative performance lift,” claims Krol. The company differentiates itself with an architecture that focuses on streamlining the entire digital advertising process, from creation to trafficking and all the administrative support processes that come with it.

For the days to come, Advanse sees trends like data management, personalization, and programmatic media to be key for organizations to achieve desired results in terms of marketing.“We think the number of use cases that require a smart messaging layer, like programmatic creative, is going to grow quite substantially over the next year,” concludes Krol.