Bidtellect: Native Ad Management through Single Platform

Lon Otremba, CEO, BidtellectLon Otremba, CEO
Today, native ads are turning out to be increasingly popular with advertisers due to several developments in human behavior brought on by past advertising methods and ever shrinking attention spans. However, a shift although at the early stages now, but one that will ultimately be seismic is native advertising approaches in digital media, which is going to touch nearly every aspect of technology and advertising management systems profoundly impacting the tools and technologies required. The basic ad technology for display and native advertising are not compatible together, making it a huge challenge in the advertising arena. Advertising buyers need purpose-built technologies for native advertising that have all the capabilities and power they have been using in display. “Purpose built for native advertising, we offer an entire technology stack with the most advanced capabilities,” says Lon Otremba, CEO, Bidtellect. “The capabilities include behavioral targeting, re-targeting, and campaign optimization which are taken for granted in display.”

According to Otremba, another difficulty being faced by clients today is having access to native advertising inventory at the massive audience scale big brands are used to. “Earlier, native campaigns were customized with individual publishers, requiring custom integration to work. Native programmatic capabilities are changing all that,” he adds. “Using programmatic, including real-time bidding, and integrating systems directly with both publishers and with programmatic supply sources for native is the only way advertisers will be able to scale up native.” The company has built the most unique programmatic tools and connections into the largest available native inventory pool available in the advertising industry.

Bidtellect’s team of developers has built a revolutionary Real-time Bidding (RTB) platform that allows brands to activate native advertising campaigns at scale. The platform offers features including In-ad, In-feed and content recommendation units, while delivering desktop, mobile, tablet and video native ad placements.

The proprietary bidding and optimization algorithms we deploy are the product of years of advanced research and development

It also offers in-depth actionable reporting, highly-efficient optimization technology and most advanced Key Performance Indicator (KPI) optimization that automatically optimizes to any stated KPI.

At the heart of Bidtellect’s technology is the proprietary bidding technology which facilitates programmatic buying and selling. IntellibidSM, Bidtellect’s Optimization Engine, makes major advancements in promoting efficiencies and quality in accessing native inventory at scale. “The proprietary bidding and optimization algorithms we deploy are the product of years of advanced research and development,” explains Otremba. “Our Proprietary Engagement Score tracks and optimizes ad campaigns against visits (sessions), bounce rate, time on site, and page views.” Bidtellect recently released the third generation of its nDSP (Native Demand Side Platform) that encompasses multi-formats and operates on various devices connecting advertisers and publishers to deliver opti-mized and insightful native advertising - at scale.

In an example, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids—a non-profit organization was in the market looking for partners to scale their messaging about the risks of teen marijuana use through a new online Marijuana Talk Kit. They turned to Bidtellect who provided the client with a generous amount of native advertising via In-Feed and recommendation widgets. The campaign outperformed across multiple premium content websites successfully engaging the target audience of parents.

The company is also bringing together academia and commercial development teams to develop and bring to market the next several generations of optimization technologies for native advertising. Bidtellect is rolling out several next-generation products and capabilities in the future, capitalizing on their research and development work. “We are transforming advertising into valuable content. We are part of a revolution in how advertising is created, consumed, and used,” concludes Otremba.