Billups: Granular Audience Visibility for Maximum Engagement

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Benjamin Billups, Founder and CEO, BillupsBenjamin Billups, Founder and CEO
“We bring the proverbial ‘at the touch of a button’ experience to life in both the traditional out-of-home (OOH) and digital OOH (DOOH) advertising world,” says Benjamin Billups, Founder and CEO of Billups. Started as an OOH media specialist in 2003, Billups has evolved into a premier ad tech company that is racing to empower its clients with digital transformation. Billups’s maxim is to drive transparency in planning and reporting of OOH and DOOH advertising using a single platform.

“What digitization brings to the table is accountability. And we are uniquely positioned to redefine traditional OOH and DOOH advertising using a combination of technologies, including computer vision, AI, machine learning, and location observation, as the foundation,” says Billups. With such a comprehensive and informed approach, brands, advertising agencies, and marketers no longer have to depend on stale data. They can view the most recent data at a granular level and take informed actions based on the behavior of people in real-time.

In the OOH advertising arena, any marketer needs to understand where people live, work, and play for his efforts to pay off. A veteran company powered by a startup spirit in the OOH industry, Billups has in-depth knowledge of the intricacies that have plagued organizations for so long. With this knowledge, the company has built a powerful data-driven platform for the OOH and the DOOH marketplaces. Its platform combines workflow automation, geospatial insights, and advanced reporting on location intelligence while its competitors offer each of these capabilities in parts.

We are uniquely positioned to redefine the traditional OOH and DOOH advertising using a combination of technologies, including computer vision, AI, machine learning, and location observation, as the foundation

Brands and agencies can use Billups’s platform to search both static and digital inventories while managing campaigns. On a daily basis, the platform leverages up to three billion mobile location observations across 55 million customer journeys against more than 300 million mobile devices to track the right audience for its clients. It tracks the IP address and unique mobile IDs of the individuals that allow users to gain deeper insights and take actionable decisions.

In addition, the platform has a ‘Google Street View’-like user interface where the user can view the physical location of the target demography before placing an ad. The visibility allows users to select the spots in any city that they have never even visited. The users can analyze 5-6 places both from a data and visual standpoint before making the decision.

A go-to partner for more than 300 clients made up primarily of large technology brands and independent advertising agencies in the US— Billups employs an efficient client engagement strategy that facilitates them with access to information ‘at their fingertips.’ The company brings much needed transparency to the industry, including target audience location data, foot traffic data, and pricing data.

In all its engagements, Billups employs its team of industry leading experts to work collaboratively with clients to deliver an optimized, data-driven OOH strategy that solves for business objectives.
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Benjamin Billups, Founder and CEO

Billups is an advertising technology company for the OOH & DOOH marketplace, translating the physical world into data-driven solutions with the leading outdoor advertising platform. With offices across the US, Billups uses the largest independent managed service team in the nation to inspire brands and agencies to build and measure intelligent campaigns by connecting advertisers to their audiences. It helps to drive growth by finding ideal outdoor placements catered directly to your brand’s audience and also measure the effectiveness of each placement in reaching your brand’s audience and delivering ROI