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Effectively measuring advertising translates to better campaign management. But historically, Ad measurement tools have been built with reliance on third-party audiences, where the solution provider does not have a direct relationship with the consumer-base that is being exposed to advertising. Most ad measurement providers rely on say, third party cookies to identify the ad exposure for different customers. Such a measurement methodology inherently paints an incomplete picture of the customer journey as advertisers lack visibility into the thousands of digital touch-points that affect the path to purchase. On top of this, the measurement data that is provided is often riddled with control errors, as individuals are incorrectly classified as not exposed due to cookie deletion and errors in tagging. Enter DISQO! By delivering unprecedented data and analytics to the market research industry through its consumer-first insights platform, the company is powering insights professionals and marketers with automated solutions that drive consumer research and improve ad effectiveness.

Embracing the principle that quality insights depend on accurate data from real people who actively choose to share their information, DISQO’s ad measurement solution was built on the foundation of a fully permissioned and opt-in identity-based platform. “We own the entire value chain, including the consumer relationship, proprietary technology, and delivery of insights. This means that we know every consumer in our audience who is exposed to advertising,” states Stephen Jepson, the executive vice president of sales for advertising effectiveness at DISQO.

DISQO’s methodology and platform have been designed to provide valid and reliable measures of ad effectiveness by giving credit to the actual behavioral impact driven by advertising. The company has a full line of sight into behaviors that occur anywhere and might indicate interest in a brand. For example, they can see how advertising affects shopping behavior on third-party e-commerce sites and give credit back to the advertising that produced this behavior. In other words, because of its first-party nature, DISQO’s Ad measurement solution can capture an unprecedented view of consumer behaviors post-exposure to advertising.
Being the only platform that connects consumer behaviors and attitudes, DISQO provides a holistic view of marketing performance. This includes measurement across the breadth of the consumer journey, providing visibility into how advertising affects search, browsing, and shopping behaviors across time. DISQO’s ad measurement solution uses proprietary behavioral measurement capabilities to monitor and report on the entirety of the consumer’s digital path to purchase, including both attitudinal lift and behavioral lift. In an instance, the solution was leveraged by a client to measure ad effectiveness against both behavioral and attitudinal markers. Because of the dual approach to measurement the client uncovered that their consumer browsing and purchase behavior increased by over 100 percent. Further, post-campaign measurement of exposed and control cells uncovered a 48 percent residual lift in brand engagement via site visits for those exposed to the campaign.

What differentiates DISQO is its focus toward delivering data accurately and ensuring sustainability. To deliver the most accurate data possible, DISQO has been built on the foundation of a 100 percent first-party identity-based platform, enabling the capture of real data from real, verified, and validated people. As every control and test group is balanced against known and measured audience behaviors—not just the typical demographic profiling—DISQO is able to deliver a more accurate measure of actual campaign lift. Further, on the sustainability side, DISQO has committed to a people-first approach to its fully permissioned, opt-in audience. “Every day, people join DISQO’s research community to participate in research, and these people are rewarded for their participation. Thus, DISQO never has and never will be reliant on third party audiences or providers,” informs Jepson.

As advertisers look for a sustainable ad measurement solution in a soon-to-be ‘cookieless’ world, DISQO’s ad measurement platform is uniquely positioned to deliver. Indeed, many Fortune 100 brands and the agencies who serve them have already turned to DISQO since the launch of its ad measurement solution last year.
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Stephen Jepson, Executive Vice President of Sales for Advertising Effectiveness

DISQO is a consumer-first insights platform that delivers unprecedented data and analytics to the market research industry. The company powers insights professionals and marketers with automated solutions that drive consumer research and improve ad effectiveness. Today, the company delivers an accurate and complete view of the consumer via technology built on the foundation of the largest first-party research audience. By engaging consumers who choose to share their attitudes and behaviours, the company captures the highest quality data, empowering its clients to make confident decisions