Frankly Media: Maximizing Revenue and Audience Value

Benj Smith, Head, Frankly MediaBenj Smith, Head
Publishers today face two primary concerns:

A) How do I grow revenue, and
B) How do I grow my audience?

In the world of digital marketing and advertising, publishers are exploring new avenues to maximize ROIs by growing their market base. Video services, website production, and mobile apps, are all viable channels in digital marketing, but they make it difficult for organizations to engage with various partners and for service providers to look after their digital ecosystem. Consequently, publishers are now looking out for a single complete package of solutions that can address all their requirements. Assisting publishers overcome the challenges, Frankly Media provides a complete suite of solutions for creating, managing, and monetizing digital content to any devicee to maximize audience value and revenue. Serving a wide variety of customers from esports, lifestyle and news publishers to local TV and radio stations, Frankly Media successfully offers programmatic advertising that enables clients to expand their reach and boost revenue. “We take care of the entire digital ecosystem of clients and offer a one stop shop for our clients instead of dealing with multiple vendors,” says Benj Smith, Head of Frankly Media.

Frankly Media is a subsidiary of Engine Media, a company focused on esports news, entertainment and lifestyle activities, and ad monetization. As a Google certified publishing partner, Frankly Media focuses on two primary aspects: demand and supply. On the demand side, the company has a premium partner network that grows the cost per mille (CPM)—the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page.

We take care of the entire digital ecosystem of clients and offer a one-stop shop for our clients instead of dealing with multiple vendors

In fact, the company has seen a 40 percent CPM growth for customers this year. Similarly, on the supply side, Frankly Media ensures the placement and sizing of ads, “We focus on how to balance the advertising component of a website to ensure that the audience is not turned off by too many or irrelevant ads,” says Smith. To fulfill this criterion, the company typically works with the client to assess their needs and goals to offer recommendations and suggestions to achieve their objectives. “Our clients appreciate our assessment capabilities because it gives them an idea of what they can expect from us going forward.”

In addition, the company offers video streaming software that allows integration of live VOD into CMS along with the ability to monetize any video stream. The company can easily manage and optimize client’s videos to maximize revenue by scheduling pre- roll, mid roll, and post roll campaigns for VOD assets. What’s more, Frankly Media offers audience insights to track audience interests to draw the highest level of demand for a brand. Clients can also keep an eye on the entire advertising campaign through their daily dashboard provided by Frankly Media to check the performance of ads.

Foraying the efficiency of its services, Smith talks about the success of a sports radio station that wanted to progress in the digital arena. Frankly Media gave the station the ability to video stream all of their on air shows and provide pre roll and mid roll advertising, along with the required CMS for their website. After partnering with Frankly Media, the radio station grew their digital revenue by over 400%.

With such impressive results, Frankly Media is now focusing on esports and gaming, looking to help esports media publishers. Both Engine Media and its subsidiary Frankly Media are on the path of exploring new opportunities. “A big strategy for us is to make a significant impact for our customers across the esports news and gaming spectrum,” adds Smith.
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Frankly Media

Frankly Media

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Benj Smith, Head

Provides a complete suite of solutions and services for creating, managing, and monetizing digital content to any device to maximize audience value and revenue