Furious Corp: The Shift from Growth to Optimization for Media

Ashley J. Swartz, CEO, Furious CorpAshley J. Swartz, CEO
Media has been blessed with pure growth with more viewers, devices, formats, platforms, and more time spent consuming the digital deluge of information. New technologies were required to chase this growth; to both distribute and then monetize through advertising. This has resulted in an immensely complex advertising ecosystem, made up mostly of vertical technology silos. With time spent consuming media flattening in 2017, the industry faces an entirely new set of challenges. Most media companies lack the tools to connect their systems and data with which to run their advertising business, making data actionable to maximize revenue, reduce costs and manage inventory. The tool that powers the business of advertising today for most sellers is Excel. Ashley J. Swartz of Furious Corp says of this complexity, “it is like the wild West,” and it is this complexity that is the driver behind Furious Corp’s development of their PROPHET platform. PROPHET is a horizontal yield and business optimization platform that sits atop and connects the disparate advertising, sales and delivery systems to help media companies manage revenue and inventory to optimize revenue.

Swartz’s background in manufacturing finance has helped Furious Corp approach the problems faced by the media industry in a unique manner. Furious Corp has incorporated the lessons learned and best practices from other industries into the development of the PROPHET platform. “PROPHET provides that missing connective tissue across the entirety of the advertising enterprise and provides tools to maximize revenue and profit, which is what every C-level executive is accountable for at the end of the day,” says Swartz.
“PROPHET is supply chain optimization for media. We often refer to this today as yield optimization.”

PROPHET’s data science is what enables Furious to assure CFOs and CIOs a 10 to 20 times ROI. PROPHET has a library of baseline algorithms which vary based on format, genre, etc. for forecasting, pricing, and allocation of inventory. Machine learning, or AI is used to continually improve the accuracy and performance against a client’s unique data. So, the more data that is ingested into PROPHET, the smarter and more accurate it becomes. Manufacturing calls this continuous improvement, or Kaizen, which was introduced by Toyota after WWII.

PROPHET visualizes, automates and optimizes the strategic revenue and inventory [yield] management processes of reporting, forecasting, planning, pricing, and inventory allocation, at a portfolio level. PROPHET’s technology enables it to quickly connect, normalize and map data from disparate sources, both 1st and 3rd party, making the data actionable. PROPHET gives CROs, CFOs and CIOs the ability and confidence to leverage their data to productize, package, and sell more targeted premium advertising products, with the confidence that they will be increasing their overall revenue as a result.

As a certified SAP partner, Furious Corp’s PROPHET platform can be integrated with existing finance systems to better integrate advertising into the overall business enterprise and make more informed decision.

The firm has been successful in serving its clients because it works as a team built on trust, mutual respect, and above all, a solid belief in what it is trying to help clients achieve.

Furious Corp is constantly investing in ensuring it can adequately ingest and onboard new data and systems. On the anvil are plans to expand their focus beyond the supply side of the media industry, which includes media companies, operators, and publishers. In 2018, they have their sights set on initiating services for the buy-side of the market, including brand marketers, advertisers, and potentially, agencies.