iClick Interactive: Data-driven Approach Redefining the Digital Marketplace

Sammy Hsieh, Co-founder & CEO, iClick InteractiveSammy Hsieh, Co-founder & CEO
The genesis of iClick Interactive originated from digital veteran Sammy Hsieh’s passion to redefine the digital marketplace with data, insights and innovation. Adorning different hats in business operations, sales & marketing, business development, and more, Sammy Hsieh, the CEO and Co-founder of iClick Interactive, noticed that, data sources are scattered across the online and offline world, hence collection, management and maintenance of data is imperative to give players a definite advantage in terms of sales, marketing, operations and more. “We founded iClick Interactive with a firm conviction–a data-driven, result-driven approach will be the future of digital marketing.”

Data is at the core of iClick Interactive’s marketing technology platform. The firm’s platform collects a wealth of data from multiple sources every millisecond, and systematically manages and algorithmically consolidates the data into anonymous profiles to enable Internet users to be understood in a multi-dimensional manner, and makes scalable data intelligence possible.

“While we all collect data, it is the quality of data that makes the difference. At iClick Interactive’s platform, we currently have more than 580 million anonymously profiled Internet users in China to whom we can precisely target using different audience tags,” remarks Hsieh. “Through the platform’s extensive connections with media, publishers, mobile apps and ad networks in mainland China, we can precisely reach the target audience for our marketers.” The firm is continuously working to evolve the platform’s capabilities to become a powerhouse with omni-channel data-driven marketing technology solutions that cover– audience targeting, engagement and insights; as well as marketing experience, making China-targeting digital marketing easy, handy and efficient.

Since marketers are urged to manage a number of channels–digital ad, search engine marketing, multiple social media sites, websites, mobile apps, and more, iClick Interactive’s marketing technology platform allows the automation of marketing actions.

We founded iClick Interactive with a firm conviction–a data-driven, result-driven approach, will be the future of digital marketing

This helps marketers to more efficiently manage their marketing efforts and ease their burden to perform repetitive marketing actions.

In addition, Hsieh also highlights the firm’s native mobile video ad solution, MoTV. “Developed with iClick Interactive’s proprietary technology, MoTV serves Blu-ray quality mobile video ads, up to 50 times market norm’s resolution, making it perfect for brand storytelling,” affirms Hsieh. MoTV ads can be auto-preloaded in any WI-FI environment—ensuring a seamless ad viewing experience for users anytime and anywhere.

In one instance—given the complex mobile ad landscape in mainland China, Audi expected an innovative and effective ad delivery for its new model A6L to not only draw attention from its usual group of high-end target audience but also to arouse interest in the younger, up-and-coming groups. iClick Interactive optimized ad exposure in the mobile environment for Audi A6L and ensured the ad’s outreach to the brand’s core target audience via its platform’s programmatic buying. “Furthermore, Audi achieved an exceptionally high CTR of 4.44 percent for A6L’s ad campaign via the adoption of our MoTV solution, achieving an ad conversion rate of 2.3 times the average of standard mobile ad,” asserts Hsieh.

Forging ahead, the firm aims to cater every single step in a marketer’s digital marketing journey. “We’ve been continuously working to evolve our platform’s automation and data capabilities to help marketers reach the right audience at the right moment on the right device, and hitting their marketing ROIs,” remarks Hsieh. In addition, Hsieh also refers to a recent study, where China’s VR content boom is impending with revenues growing by 279 percent in 2017 to reach US$375.1M. “We expect to soon see VR applications in digital marketing in 2017, and this is something marketers should get ready for,” concludes Hsieh.