Marin Software: Optimizing Online Advertisement Spend

CIO VendorDavid A. Yovanno, CEO
Advertisement companies and agencies are always in need of modern advertisement solutions that will enable them to optimize the online advertisement spend so as to increase the sales as well as save more time which can be utilized for other core-functional activities. To this end, they require a flexible advertising management solution that will accelerate sales without exceeding their budget. “The Marin platform empowers advertisers to have increased control of their advertising spend and maximize their returns,” begins David A. Yovanno, CEO, Marin Software. The company provides a top-notch cross-channel performance advertising cloud for brands and advertising agencies to measure, manage and optimize the amount spend on advertisement across the web and mobile devices.

The San Francisco-based company delivers an integrated cloud for search, display and social advertising, assisting digital marketers in enhancing their financial performance, saving time and making better marketing decisions. “Our cloud marketing platform improves customer experience, provides greater data analytics capability and also captures more of its customers' advertising spend with new features,” adds Yovanno. The company’s cross-channel platform, Audience Marketing Suite (AMS) enables its clients to act on cross-channel audience analytics through sophisticated optimization of bids based on customer-defined business objectives. It automatically optimizes the marketing campaigns through machine learning and artificial intelligence and reallocates the budget to the best performing campaigns in real-time.

The AMS platform simplifies, streamlines and integrates cross-channel campaigns as well as leverages the data about customers’ feedback and expectations in search, social and digital channels. It enables the clients to accelerate ROI across all the advertising channels by promoting transparency, automatic optimization and flexible integrations. AMS also assists clients to efficiently manage the shopping advertisements across various publishers so as to deliver a premium and enhanced search experience to the end-customers.

Our cloud marketing platform improves customer experience, provides greater data analytics capability and also captures more of our customers' advertising spend with new features

Marin’s SaaS based Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform provides a user-friendly dashboard to retarget and outlook customers across mobile, Facebook and web enabling the clients to have hold on audiences, campaigns and advertisement to optimize performance. Marin Software provides PositionLock, an advanced technology for gaining a level of control through setting keyword bids based on paid search ad position. PositionLock provides advertisers intraday bidding optimization to help them maintain their preferred ad positions on a page across multiple devices for their high traffic.

Marin’s search ad management platform boosts up the accuracy of campaign reporting and advertising performance. One example was Beachbody, a leading provider of home fitness, nutrition and weight loss program such as the P90X and INSANITY workouts. The client was struggling to integrate their attribution vendor with the existing search ad management platform and so experienced difficulties in campaign reporting and optimization. Beachbody opted for Marin’s search advertising platform where the company’s team was able to quickly automate and improve the accuracy of the customer's reporting in tandem with the attribution vendor and virtually eliminate the inconsistencies that they had been experiencing.

Marin Software is currently focusing on providing higher visibility, predictability and transparency in social, search and display channels on AMS platform. As the market shifts towards greater concentration of inventory among the largest publishers, the firm believes that they are uniquely positioned to capitalize on digital advertising platform. “Our SaaS based advertising platform is already directly integrated via APIs to leading publishers such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Microsoft Bing, Twitter and Yahoo, which capture the majority of this total digital ad spend today,” concludes Yovanno.