Mvix: Ductile and Feasible DOOH Ad Management Solutions

Mike Kilian, Director of Business Development, MvixMike Kilian, Director of Business Development
The digitalization of marketing is driving industries to adopt “hands-on” advertising platforms for facilitating and engaging an interactive end-user experience. CTOs and CMOs are finding it difficult to determine the best out of innumerable Ad management solution and services providers.

Mike Kilian, Director of Business Development at Mvix, accentuates on the firm’s three core values: Scalability, Interactive User Experience (UX), and Audience Engagement Reporting, to provide efficient, viable, and affordable digital signage solutions. “The role of digital signage in the ad management arena is to supplement the activities of the brand when it comes to informing, promoting and educating,” says Kilian.

Mvix’s Xhibit Signage platform is an enterprise-grade, networked, digital out-of-home (DOOH) signage system, appareled with a centralized, and web-based Content Management Software (CMS). “The company’s comprehensive signage platform delivers a variety of dynamic widgets to leverage consumer engagement throughout the ad campaign. The web-based service component adds immense value to the clients as the advertising content, sent out to end-displays, can be managed remotely over the internet from any computer or mobile device at any time,” adds Kilian. The Xhibit Signage system enables their clients to administrate the signage content, screen layouts, and ad schedules via a free-of-cost cloud application. In addition, the Xhibit platform also provides a unique capability to preview the live playback of advertising content across the network.

Businesses around the globe are strategizing their marketing blueprints to focus on an array of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for aggressive advertisement drives. “A digital signage advertising campaign should yield the ability to interact with their customers rather than just reaching them,” states Kilian. Mvix’ robust DOOH signage platform has built-in social media functionalities through which brands can intercommunicate and engage their customers in a more exertive way.

Mvix provides reliable, customizable, and commercial grade signage applications along with intuitive software across 12 diverse industry domains.

The company’s comprehensive signage platform delivers a variety of dynamic widgets to leverage consumer engagement throughout the ad campaign

The company effectively drives point-of-purchase (POP) audience measurement and delivers analytics of end-user interactions by integrating intuitive point-of-sale (POS) systems. Additionally, Mvix enables enterprises to deliver customer specific product promotions, equipping dynamically targeted demographics.

Mvix’ abilities to deliver dynamic con¬tent, audience analytics, and provide an intuitive UX through flexible and turnkey digital advertising software, stand as its key differentiating factors. “As discrete features, protocols, and schedules are ingrained in our high-definition ad management solution, we help our clients meet their promotional goals to deploy and utilize AV advertising platforms,” says Kilian. For instance, Mvix helped one of the leading tile retailers, in a multi-level showroom and design center environ¬ment by implementing multiple digital signage screens throughout the facility. The digital signage solution enabled the retailer to showcase their vast tile collec¬tion including off-the-shelf tile designs to enhance brand awareness, educate retail and trade customers, and promote special offers.

Mr. Kilian believes that Mvix focuses on indulging a mutual communication environment with clientele to incorporate up-to-date technological innovations and engaging advertising components, according to their feedback and requirements. “We study and discuss with mid-size and larger clients to get insights on how they are using our solution, to formulate new ideas, and to provide future-proof solutions,” adds Kilian.

To cater to the needs of the world-wide retail and advertising environment, Mvix aims to enhance their marketing technology by incorporating avant-garde, interactive ad management solutions. “There will be more interactivity with kiosks and at the end points of sale. The future of B2B and retail advertising is trending to provide an extraordinary shopping experience to end-customers, and our technology developments are leading those trends,” concludes Kilian.