RSG Media: Scalable Solutions for the Future of Media

Mukesh Sehgal, Founder, President & CEO, RSG MediaMukesh Sehgal, Founder, President & CEO
Technology and new user behaviors are changing the game of advertising by measuring what is significant to ad sellers, media buyers, and advertisers. With a complex buying environment and more players in the advertising market, the content is becoming more crucial in order to tailor it to create value. To resolve this issue, “We are absolutely committed to using data science to move the needle for the media and entertainment industry, both in terms of revenue and profits,” starts Mukesh Sehgal, Founder, President and CEO, RSG Media. Numerous media and entertainment businesses—cable and broadcast, entertainment, gaming, and publishing firms—have been leveraging RSG Media’s expertise since 1985, to augment revenues from their content, advertising, and promotional inventories.

The NY based global firm provides customers with a complete 360 degree view of the media industry across platforms, over borders and between the markets. “We help our customers build a larger, more engaged audience with less effort and expense. Our new tools and insights help them to get more from ads by continuously bringing viewers back,” explains Sehgal. The firm offers flexible, integrated, and interoperable solutions for the radically changed—and continually changing—business landscape. The ad management suite gives a long-term strategic advantage since the cost of acquiring and distributing content keeps increasing, and new competition continues to drive prices down.

Using the latest advances in operations research, RSG Media has developed a suite of yield optimization modules— Advant, to address the entire ad sales lifecycle from initial strategic planning, through planning and trafficking, all the way to final analysis. Advant uses advanced mathematics to earn the highest yield from the advertising inventory across every platform and maximizes deal value by planning ad sales proposals from inception to contract across multiple networks. To accurately forecast revenues, in real-time, Advant allows users to consider both historical inventory and up-to-the minute sales data, including inventory pressure. The solution moreover considers myriad complex inputs to calculate perfect ad positions.

Our new tools and insights help customers to get more from ads by continuously bringing viewers back

This includes over 65 complex advertiser constraints, campaign flight schedules, delivery status, guaranteed demos, campaign value, and much more. As a result of which ad managers can strategically price and manage their remaining inventory to maximize revenues.

The greatest change with connecting ad technologies and data is that the process involving media planning, buying and selling will be simplified. On the innovation front, the firm’s Media Mantra improves cable and broadcast networks promo inventories by using proprietary, machine-learning algorithms to adopt a behavioral based approach to increase reach and convert more viewers using fewer inventories. Furthermore, it helps marketing teams discern the best use of limited promo time and budget to meet campaign goals and determine the best point on the reach and frequency cure based on actual play outs and deliveries.

As new content distribution models emerge, Media and Entertainment industry leaders race to grow their share of the market. However, they struggle to maximize content monetization due to a lack of real time business data analytics. To this need, RSG Media offers RightsLogic— an end-to-end content lifecycle management solution to support a key strategic imperative for industry leaders and to leverage all available properties to their maximum potential across every distribution platform (TV, PC, Mobile, and Tablet) in order to expand market share.

Growing by leaps and bounds, RSG stays on top of trends and technologies to continuously evolve its ad solutions in anticipation of customer needs. In the near future, RSG Media aims to be the cynosure of ad management solutions by measuring the effectiveness of promotion campaigns.