Sellr Technologies: Interactive Platform Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Tom Miller, Chairman & CEO, Sellr TechnologiesTom Miller, Chairman & CEO Competing for market share in today's tech-driven, customer-centric retail environment presents a unique opportunity for beverage brands and their brick-and-mortar retailers. Digitally connected consumers, accustomed to the convenience, immediate access to product information and variety offered by the online shopping platforms, are driving a dramatic shift in consumer purchasing behaviors. Expectations for the in-store customer experience have never been higher or more critical to a successful marketing strategy. Embracing a disruptive technology that capitalizes on consumer digital connections to fully engage the shopper, at the point of decision, catapults retailers and brands to best-in-class by offering exemplary customer experiences.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Sellr Technologies is transforming beverage retail marketing by delivering the new competitive differentiator: exceptional customer experiences at the point of decision.

Challenging the Status Quo

Sellr is on a mission to revolutionize the in-store shopper experience with a real-time digital channel, personalized to reach specific audiences. This engaging customer experience translates into a higher share of wallet for brand advertisers, with shoppers significantly more likely to purchase the product they explore digitally in-aisle, to purchase other products offered by the brand, to repurchase the product and to recommend the product through word of mouth. "Our agenda is to support new customer purchase behaviors while creating a 'win-win' scenario for the three parties that care about the transaction—shoppers, retailers, and brand suppliers." says Tom Miller, the Chairman and CEO of Sellr. Backed by a thorough knowledge and understanding of consumer goods, retail trade marketing, and technology, Sellr integrates a digital channel at the point of decision into the customer’s purchase journey, providing an opportunity for the brand to control messaging, develop loyalty and drive sales. "By engaging shoppers through our technology platform, brands and retailers can become a part of the evolving consumer experience. Sellr understands the 'sweet spot,' where product, advertising, and consumers intersect," Miller adds.

Interactive Platform for Retail Business

As a tech-driven in-aisle advertising company, Sellr offers one of the most advanced, affordable, accessible, and effective digital channels for brick-and-mortar alcohol beverage outlets. For shoppers who are accustomed to online shopping practices and want to research a potential purchase during a store visit, Sellr delivers immediate access to extensive product information. Through Sellr’s 10-inch tablets that are mounted directly on the shelf edge, shoppers can instantly search, filter, compare, and download information about the products in the store.

Sellr Tablets not only run dynamically scheduled ads from a cloud service but also enable shopper engagement through an interactive interface that shares rich, brand-controlled product information

"Sellr Tablets not only run dynamically scheduled ads from a cloud service but also enable shopper engagement through an interactive interface that shares rich, brand-controlled product information," says Miller. Sellr's customer engagement platform blends the art and science of advertising, allowing retail stores to deliver the best experience to the shopper and maximize the outcomes from their visit with higher revenue and margin potential through upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Sellr has a vast database of over 400,000 products, complete with product information, graphics, and videos. Shoppers can access this content when they tap on an ad or scan a product UPC. "We see click-through rates on our platform double than that of Facebook, which is exponentially more valuable when you realize we're engaging shoppers standing in front of a shelf, about to make a product selection," says Miller.

"The platform powerfully intersects the channel of brand marketing with the venue of trade marketing, building both brand equity and sales"

Sellr’s technology provides beverage brands with a unique opportunity to control the delivery of relevant content consistently at the point of decision. Brands can tell their product story directly to the customer, influencing the shopper’s purchase and promoting brand loyalty. It also gives advertisers the ability to track, in real-time, the shopper engagement at the store aisle and then measure the resulting sales lift. Brands who struggle to reach out to their consumers because of the lack of interface options in legacy advertising methods are also included in Sellr's benefit loop.

Sellr's displays can be placed strategically throughout the adult beverage section in grocery and beverage stores so that the ads are directed to consumers who purchase alcoholic beverages. Every ad hits a qualified target audience, unlike the legacy broadcast approaches. Further, Sellr subdivides the advertising opportunity by placing displays directly in front of specific sub-categories of products such as gin, rum, bourbon, chardonnay, pinot noir, and craft beers. This creates an even more precise advertising opportunity. For example, the brand can target gin shoppers when they are standing in front of the gin section. The platform powerfully intersects the channel of brand marketing with the venue of trade marketing, building both brand equity and sales. Ultimately, Sellr Technology enables brands to deliver content that is relevant to shoppers so they can enjoy seeing content for the products they are most interested in and likely to purchase. Additionally, consumers can send that content to their phones so they can take a cocktail recipe with them or bring home the special story of the product, winery, etc. to share with family and friends over dinner. Shoppers can also register for more product information, join product clubs, enter contests, and other promotions designed to build more intimate and lasting brand relationships with the consumer.

For store employees, the platform excels as a digital expert assistant round the clock, improving their familiarity with the vast array of products on the shelf.
"Our platform is like a sommelier for wines, a brew master for beers, and a mixologist for spirits," says Miller. Admittedly, the beverage aisle can be confusing and intimidating for shoppers. Sellr’s platform can make the process of selecting a beverage a rewarding and enriching experience, even for a novice. Each positive experience builds loyalty to the brand and to the retailer. And, the benefit is not limited to newbies. A wine expert, who was impressed by Sellr's performance says, "I have a deep understanding of different wines, but I can't match the knowledge the Sellr platform provides."

BevTV: Harboring A Design of Excellence

Adding value to Sellr's comprehensive solutions is their cloud-based platform, BevTV, which is revolutionary in terms of control and transparency. The firm's tablets are linked to this platform that not only schedules ads but also tracks every ad played on tablets in stores, as well as every ad that is tapped or UPC that is scanned. This gives the company absolute integrity in the ad plays or impressions delivered. Sellr can measure store traffic based on actual purchase transactions for the category and monitor dwell time to determine the number of audience "views." Using the BevTV Dashboard, brands and ad agencies can identify stores across the nation where they can advertise on Sellr tablets. They can select the stores, define a campaign in terms of impressions and date range, upload the media, and make payments through their online dashboard. Brands can also watch the ads play in real-time for each store, aisle, and tablet. This real-time tracking allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of ads based on the level of shopper engagement (taps and scans). "After every week or month, brands can see actual sell-through to evaluate the increase in sales from the ads," says Miller.

With the Sellr and BevTV platforms as a solid foundation, the company is experimenting with more advanced functions such as using cameras to track movement around the product set and emotional reactions to ads. Sellr can also describe the shoppers in the store with up to two dozen demographic attributes, including gender, income level, hobbies, family status, and more. These capabilities, especially when combined with store loyalty programs, create new avenues for personalized, targeted marketing.

Culture-Driven Excellence, the Step for Tomorrow

A generationally diverse team with deep experience in consumer products, retail trade marketing, and technology strengthens Sellr's edge in the market. Highlighting one of Sellr's triumphs is their engagement with a small winery in Napa that was struggling to compete with big-name players for shelf space and promotion placement. After running ads on tablets managed by Sellr, they outperformed almost every competitor in the beverage section. The client was able to drive shopper engagement by narrating their product story directly to customers. They became a Top Five Product on BevTV as defined by shopper engagement (ad taps and UPC scans). Most importantly, their sales increased by almost five-fold year over year.

Sellr’s innovative, flexible, and scalable solution to maximize customer experience with an effective digital channel and an engaging, user-friendly interface positions the company for rapid growth and market dominance. Leveraging the versatility of its platform, the company is targeting expansion into other sectors such as health products and supplements. "By next year, we plan to be in several other categories where shoppers can benefit from digital assistance with complex purchase decisions," concludes Miller.
- Debra Morgan
    July 30, 2019