Sircle Advertising: Inspiring Pronounced Marketing Moments

Cindy Engstrom, CEO & Founder, Sircle AdvertisingCindy Engstrom, CEO & Founder
Launching a mobile app can present a tricky ROI today, because typically the audience for a Branded mobile app can be small-scale but the quality must still be very high. “This is where Sircle’s white label approach allows a Brand to participate economically in a matter of weeks,” says Cindy Engstrom, CEO and Founder, Sircle Advertising. The Sircle app framework resonates best with brands, which focus on the content that keeps people engaged. Sircle’s app framework is based on its Timeline models that are baked into the bones of the white label mobile experience. The strongest Sircle principle, re-invented from one of the greatest advertising insights discovered sixty-five years ago, is ‘Consumers will engage with your Brand in exchange for valuable content.’

Based on this principle, Sircle weaves free, low cost, and user generated content into the advertisement and offers flow to create a modern mobile version of the Soap Opera model. “The most cost effective engagement Sircle has achieved for its clients comes from intermixing relevant blogger content, paid blogger content, consumer reviews, activities and deals into a seamless, easy to enter and leave flow,” adds Engstrom. The firm’s first vertical client, bevRAGE, focused on the liquor industry was in search for a firm to launch their own branded mobile application. But where would they find a firm that had spent the last six years doing research into the behavior of the digital and mobile audience? bevRAGE’s search endeavor ended at Sircle and the results were phenomenal! “bevRage’s version of the Sircle mobile application, for which they own their own copy of the source code (our clients are never our hostages) has earned five star user reviews on Google Play and the Apple AppStore for seven different updates,” informs Engstrom.

Sircle Advertising’s Timeline model identifies fans by vertical, category, and even brand

Along with proffering the entertainment value, this approach also assists firms in minimizing the dreaded churn rate. “Sircle works really hard to avoid getting deleted. This may sound obvious, but 97 percent of all downloaded mobile apps are deleted within four months. That’s how intense the challenge for share of mind is today,” states Engstrom. Sircle has a set of Timelines for each phase of sales initiatives from brand introduction, through sustained growth, to profit maximization.

Sircle Advertising’s Timeline model identifies fans by vertical, category, and even brand. “These fan pockets are the best place to recruit vocal advocates to evaluate, endorse, and promote a new product or service,” substantiates Engstrom. Sircle’s fan based advertising creates an authentic voice for the product or service. The firm has run repeated “call to action” campaigns with engagement rates above 70 percent. Sircle’s advertising technology enables consumers to better allocate their shopping time and dollars in ways that benefit the retailers, and ultimately lower the price of goods by removing unnecessary friction.

Over the past few months Sircle has accepted the culture of virtual work spaces and has announced a partnership with Solomomo. Further, Sircle plans to announce partnerships with three other broad industry verticals in the next six months, but up next the firm is planning to release a fraud detection service for mobile coupons and offer service. Engstrom informs, “We have identified Fraud as a huge impediment to mobile transaction based advertising and are building this service so that companies can utilize it whether Sircle built their app or not. This is an area where the Timeline model and our team’s broad expertise can have a large and immediate impact.”