Sizmek [NASDAQ: SZMK]: Open Ad Management Solutions for Omni-channel Campaigns

Neil Nguyen, CEO, SizmekNeil Nguyen, CEO
Advertising has served a critical purpose in the business world. However, the disruptive technological advancements and new user behaviors are changing the business of advertising. Today, with a wide range of novel opportunities and tougher competition, marketers and sales people need strategies that help understand, reach, and engage the customers. “It is important to make strong connections with the customer and have an effective advertising process in place,” states Neil Nguyen, CEO, Sizmek [NASDAQ: SZMK]. “The lack of which, can result in media campaigns being not successful and the whole marketing systems can crumble.” Helping agencies stay connected with the customers and create inspiring, seamless advertising campaigns is a New York, NY-based Sizmek. The company provides a single point of access to the most cutting-edge technology, data and strategic guidance to engage audiences across any advertising medium or vertical.

The firm’s flagship product, Sizmek MDX, an open ad management platform, allows customers to seamlessly manage their cross-channel campaign. Sizmek’s independent platform helps customers to manage the media, placements, timing, costs, and delivery for their entire campaign. “Users can manipulate ads, bulk-change ad assignments and manage ad serving business logic all in one system,” says Nguyen. Alternatively, the Master Excel upload tool lets customers create placements, attach ads, swap creative, upload and edit many ads in seconds. Sizmek’s MDX platform also has targeting and optimization options to deliver and measure ads regardless of screen or device.

Additionally, Sizmek MDX platform allows users to access exclusive metrics for measuring engagement across rich media. The platform offers toolsets that deliver effective monitoring, reporting and accurate data. “Sizmek MDX also provides sophisticated controls over every factor in dynamic creative strategy, from authoring to targeting and trafficking,” says Nguyen.

Users can manipulate ads, bulk-change ad assignments and manage ad serving business logic all in one system

Likewise, the firm proffers professional services that support the customer’s transition to the Sizmek MDX platform.

Besides, with the advanced infrastructure of the Sizmek MDX platform, users can easily set up complicated and multiple retargeting and conversion tags. The VersaTag solution offers simple and secure tag management and enables users to deploy, manage and update all digital marketing tags. “Our tracking IDs can further help identify the relevant elements of the tag, and we make sure that the tags are kept safe, secure, and private,” asserts Nguyen. In one instance, the firm’s client, TourSpain wanted to launch its annual international campaign intended to attract and increase the number of visitors to Spain. However, TourSpain’s campaign material only consisted of four 20-second spots. As such, the client wanted to convert TV commercials to online media formats suitable for massive, high-quality broadcasting and develop ads that would generate awareness, interaction, and flexibility. Sizmek helped TourSpain to create a master ad and served it using Sizmek Dynamic Creative with a number of variables including: voice language, subtitle text language, full-screen option, appearance order, and auto-play. As a result, 448 versions in 15 different formats were produced from a single master ad using Dynamic Creative’s XML management capabilities. This allowed for real-time updates to meet the specifications of over 220 foreign media publishers.

While Sizmek connects 20,000 advertisers and over 5,000 agencies to worldwide audiences, Nguyen assures, “we will constantly bring together the technology, intelligence, and strategic service to create inspiring advertising everywhere and drive exponential performance for our customers.” Sizmek is focused on truly servicing its clients by closely working with them to help solve big problems and achieve their goals. Ultimately, the firm will continue to be a premier solution provider in the digital advertising spectrum.