Videology: Smarter Advertising in Converging Media

Scott Ferber, Chairman & CEO, VideologyScott Ferber, Chairman & CEO
The rapid change in the media and entertainment industry has created new avenues for advertisers to display their content. As increasingly technology savvy consumers use multiple mobile devices and connected TVs to enhance their internet activities, organizations are improvising strategies to increase their expenditure towards online video ads, where the audience is quite receptive. Furthermore, recent trends like programmatic ad spending, micro-targeting, hyper-segmentation, and personalization are forcing the firms to reconsider their advertisement strategy. In order to navigate these changes present in the digital age; advertisers, ad agencies, and media organizations need customized offerings with reporting capabilities. New York, NY based, Videology enables the advertisers to manage and optimize video and TV advertising for smart decision making and achieving desired outcomes.

Videology assists its customers to harness the value of video viewership that is spread across multiple screens and devices. “We have always focused on one goal: helping advertisers effectively and efficiently reach consumers wherever they are watching video,” says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO, Videology. The company offers software to manage the entire advertisement program of a firm; right from conception of the idea to analyzing revenue benefits gained from it. Campaign Engine—a platform developed by Videology, helps its clients manage addressable, cross-channel advertising campaigns. The platform allows the customers to formulate, purchase, enhance, and measure digital advertising campaigns across various display channels and formats. Campaign Engine enables agencies to optimize the overall portfolio of customers for maximizing ROI and achieving operational efficiencies for buyers.

Furthermore, Videology’s Activation Engine—a platform that provides actionable insights and analytics across 1st and 3rd party audience data, for empowering agencies to retrieve and manage video advertising campaigns that are based on data.

We have always focused on one goal: helping advertisers effectively and efficiently reach consumers wherever they are watching video

The platform is enriched by advanced decisioning technology to deliver high quality outcomes throughout online video and TV. Adding more to the product portfolio of Videology, is its Revenue Engine platform, which focuses on yield maximization, revenue analytics, and scenario planning tools. Revenue engine is designed to maximize the value of viewers along with providing seamless access to source of demand via private marketplaces. The customers can utilize the Ad Approval tool in Revenue Engine to fix creative approval per demand source while reviewing important aspects like creative, agency or advertiser, flight dates, type of ad, duration, and bit rate.

Being a client focused company; Videology caters to the specific needs of marketers, agencies, and media organizations by providing customized solutions because similar technologies do not fit for all the customers. Videology assists marketers in attaining accurate results via addressable, cross-channel advertising campaigns. In case of agencies as its clients, Videology offers tailored tools for managing and optimizing digital video and TV advertising in the converging media arena. The company also offers sophisticated solutions to media organizations while allowing them to maximize the value of inventory and audiences as well as drive yield optimization.

Currently, the company’s advertising software is being utilized by various agencies, trading desks, and marketers globally to reach customers with appropriate video advertising across screens. Recently the company has announced the launch of ‘Videology Labs,’ a two-pronged approach for industry education and client collaboration which includes two areas—Videology Knowledge Lab and Videology Platform Lab. Videology is a team of over 300 experts operating in 28 countries presently, but through Videology Platform Lab the company is planning to enhance its knowledgebase by bringing key advanced users on the workbench of product development process on beta versions of some transformative features.