WideOrbit: Assuring Effective Advertisement Management

Eric Mathewson, Founder & CEO, WideOrbitEric Mathewson, Founder & CEO
Asea change in advertising industry roots in the integration of advanced technologies on media channels to weave outstanding advertisement campaigns. Technology has made advertising easy with tools and features that simplify and streamlines complex workflows across the different departments in an agency. Despite the advancements, advertisers are struggling to ensure the new tools they implement do not overlap with their present technological ecosystem but add value to their existing marketing platform and IT infrastructure. Bringing end-to-end solutions for advertisement management is the San Fracisco based firm, WideOrbit that delivers premium solutions to help marketers develop a concrete advertisement plan.

With a single vendor platform, WideOrbit helps customers manage advertisement operations of television, radio, cable networks, and digital channels from the initial stage of market research till revenue optimization. Connected to media conglomerates and leaders, the firm allows clients to streamline their advertisement workflow and map new ways of traffic, sales, and revenue generation. Additionally, WideOrbit focuses on developing new enterprise-wide products and solutions that help new trends in the media industry.

At any stage of an advertisement plan, media companies can start their venture with the WO Traffic software offered by the enterprise to club all stages of advertisement workflows across multiple properties, markets, and media in a profitable and scalable level, accessible from a single engine. Real time traffic operations of any particular advertisement can be tracked using WO Traffic, thereby expediting the ongoing advertisement project. Further, digital advertisement and media channels can rely on WO Traffic—Digital Orders, advanced software to aid advertisers to follow up and review their digital campaign through one common system.

Media channels opt for WideOrbit’s comprehensive solution to check response and revenue earned from the advertisement campaign

Media channels opt for WideOrbit’s comprehensive solution to check response and revenue earned from the advertisement campaign. The WO Network also establishes inventory and revenue reports to determine the longevity and success of an ongoing advertisement campaign. Combining the solution with WO Program can help serve as a content management solution to build advertisement plans that are creative and competitive in nature.

When media channels concurrently incorporate WO Traffic, WO Network, and WO Program, operational modules like log management or promo management are scrutinized at the same time to build media information that can be altered depending on market demands. For sophisticated advertisement management, WideOrbit has far more solutions and services that can be deployed to fix loopholes and build campaigns that yield profit and prominence.

The firm has etched a niche in the industry with its offerings and expanding the reach of the solutions to cable network providers. “With WO Traffic version 6.0, we are introducing a whole new suite of tools focused on the unique needs for cable network operations. Now cable network operators can take full advantage of all the flexible and dynamic scheduling, reporting, and billing capabilities WO Traffic has to offer,” expresses Eric Mathewson, founder and CEO, WideOrbit.

One of WideOrbit’s clients Entercom, operating over radio stations of 23 markets considers superior scheduling and reporting qualities as attributes for them to stick to WideOrbit solutions. Such timely and accurate assistance to the growth story of media companies adds credence to the clientele of WideOrbit which crosses nearly 2600 channels. “There has been a ton of consolidation in the last four to five years in the broadcasting sector. I expect it will continue over the next five to ten years, and the major burden is on us to rescue this,” says Mathewson. The firm is set to tread ahead to fill the gaps that exist in the realm of advertisement management.