Yieldmo: Decrypting Human Behavior to Power Attention Advertising

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 Mike Yavonditte, Founder & CEO, Yieldmo Mike Yavonditte, Founder & CEO What defines good advertising? Steve Jobs put it like this: "It's a complicated and noisy world, and we're not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us."

Apple uses its WorldWide Development Conference (WWDC) to keep customers on the edge of their seats anticipating its next big launch.

The core idea of WWDC has always rested on understanding the importance of capturing people's attention and attention: how to capture it, hold it and reward it, is at the heart of every successful advertising campaign.

Most companies take the notion of attention for granted instead of mindfully planning for it, measuring it and understanding how to capture more of it. New Yorkbased company Yieldmo is looking to change that. Yieldmo is an advertising technology company that invents custom advertising units and optimizes them based on reader interaction to deliver superior ad experiences that deliver consumer attention.

Behind the Concept of a Two-Way Ad

Yieldmo was founded at the beginning of the rise of mobile advertising when most companies were simply repurposing their display creative and trying to make it fit on a mobile phone screen. The company began by diving deep into the area of creative design and development to create ad formats designed specifically for mobile devices. As these formats evolved, Yieldmo began tracking the unique signals these ads produced to measure how humans were interacting with creative content. By tracking this data and analyzing across thousands of campaigns Yieldmo was able to uncover specific pain points that were challenges for other advertisers and publishers.

The company noted early on that the end objective for most advertisers is to sell more products and communicate with their customers more effectively. Publishers, on the other hand, try very hard to turn their traffic into money so that they can sustain their editorial business. Yieldmo's position in the market is measuring attention and using that signal to fairly value advertising for both parties

Yieldmo helps clients identify specific placements and advertisements in the programmatic ecosystem that have the most value, are most brand-safe, and hold the most benefit for a brand. Yieldmo then helps them verify if the amount paid for these ads are within their limits while using them to send the right creative message. Yieldmo believes that helping both the advertisers and the publishers will solve the disparity between paid ads and their value; publishers will get a higher price for quality inventory and advertisers can have confidence that their ads are performing and driving consumer behavior. — How does it Work?
Yieldmo’s unique proprietary formats, user attention data and real-time analytics platform allows the company to measure, optimize, and activate advertising experiences. Yieldmo defines attention as "all the micro gestures and micro signals that users of smartphone content (webpages, apps, etc.) give off when they are involved with a piece of advertising." All of this data helps improve future advertising by analyzing user patterns and identifying the ad placements, content and creative that are generating the best response. In the case of the mobile phone, these patterns can be quantified in the way the user has touched the ad, in how their finger moved through a carousel, or how they scrolled up to look at an ad and then scroll back to look at it again. The parameters also include the time a user spent with the ad or the physics of how the phone is used. For example, when a person sees interesting content on their phone they will tilt it 30 degrees in the vertical plane Yieldmo calls this a “scrilt”.

The end of the cookie comes upon us in the next 18 to 24 months. We will be well prepared to help customers solve a lot of their problems surrounding this change, with targeting and optimization

Yieldmo captures and analyzes this data within its AEROS Attention Analytics platform. This platform builds mathematical models that capture the impact of the combinations of the gestures or partial gestures, and predictively model how they drive other KPIs. All this data is captured in real-time, and the tech stack built by Yieldmo allows their clients to view/react to that in real-time. As Mike Yavonditte, Founder & CEO of Yieldmo, states, "If we see somebody who's signaling attention, we can help our advertisers react and respond to that attention while that user is still on that publisher's page reading an article. It is the combination of the data, the mathematical modeling, and then the real-time nature of our tech, which really sets us apart."

The Answer to Technical Marketing

The data acquired through AEROS Attention Analytics may be channeled by users for their own marketing strategies, but Yieldmo takes that data even further, with an innovative ad marketplace of their own. Yieldmo’s marketplace is comprised of premium publishers, carefully curated to deliver ads that capture attention and drive brand success. It is the first-ever marketplace powered by AEROS Attention Analytics, which captures real-time information on human interaction with the ad beyond the view. The marketplace offers video, native, and display formats that capture interest, better views, and more clicks. As a result, the content will run on a premium marketplace designed to yield the highest level of awareness and performance. In that marketplace, clients can work with the company and take advantage of their patents and premium formats. Yieldmo can then back those up with their "insights tags," which help the client understand how that ad is performing for them.

"What separates us from a lot of other companies is the fact that we play in three fundamental areas—creative consulting, in-house measurement and analytics, and product development," states Mike.

To put things into perspective, most clients can't necessarily see the impact of all their advertising all the way through. Yieldmo helps advertisers optimize their KPIs -- common ones are CTR and VCR. In one instance, Yieldmo helped General Electric (GE) select and target audiences based on attention metrics, yielding a significant increase in CTR. Contextual placements and ad formats are other levers that can be pulled when optimizing campaigns. Yieldmo walked them through alternate ad formats and the ways they can measure the value of their campaign. By looking at attention metrics instead of traditional click-based methods, GE was able to get 50 times the user data inputs than previous methods. This allowed them to try more creative testing and see a different execution. This was realized by retargeting people who had paid more attention with a different creative message, resulting in a more successful overall campaign. Mike adds, "By helping our clients see the attention signal as it's happening and then adjusting the levers of their campaign to respond to it in realtime, we are able to help our clients achieve tremendous success."

The Future in the Making—Toward the Next Gen Ad

A real-time infrastructure and an ability to handle measurement and analytics across all their technical environments, desktop, app, and mobile, have helped cement Yieldmo's value and status in the advertising marketplace. The company's investment in building measurement and optimization systems to work with or without 3rd party cookies, is indicative of their preference for privacy and security, as is the fact that they are GDPR and CCPA compliant. "As the end of the cookie comes upon us in the next 18 to 24 months. We will be well prepared to help customers solve a lot of their problems surrounding this change, with targeting and optimization," says Mike.

Yieldmo is a deeply technical company in the ad business that has built everything inhouse. The company has also filed more than 20 patents, and they have so far received eight patents issued across the board. At present, Yieldmo is focused on being creative, and on inventing better methods of measuring attention. For Yieldmo, understanding of a new "attention economy," and the ability to see value, and model attention as a currency, were the factors that helped execute those concepts in realtime. These observations and innovations will continue to differentiate them from the competition in the years to come.
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