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Top 10 Ad Management Software Solution Companies - 2017

The growing power of digital advertising is transforming the world of marketing. Today, advertisers are investing in ad management channels like social media, search engines, online media, banner ads, programmatic advertisement and affiliate programs to generate higher revenue. Likewise, advertisers are harnessing the power of technology and data science to amplify digital marketing performance. The advent of Adwords tools, viewability technology, and binding ad tools, are helping businesses to publish ads efficiently, measure and curate, and also monitor the progress of various ad campaigns.

With brands, advertising agencies, and publishers looking for ways to make ads more interactive and effective, there are numerous ad management platforms that offer services such as behavioral insights, bidding, re-targeting, content manipulation, and more. Over the past few months, we have analyzed scores of advertizing management solution providers in the market and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the arena. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts and the editorial board of Marketing Tech Outlook has selected the Top 10 Ad Management Software Solution Providers.

The companies compiled in this issue have exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the ad management space. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available and how they add value to the ad management arena.

We present to you Marketing Tech Outlook’ Top 10 Ad Management Software Solution Providers–2017.

    Top Ad Management Software Solution Companies

  • A customizable, end-to-end solution that brings a simple interface and complex targeting capabilities to out-of-home advertising

  • Connecting the media enterprise to automate the advertising key workflows of reporting, forecasting, pricing, planning and inventory allocation to maximize revenue and efficiency

  • An omni-channel marketing technology company that connects worldwide marketers with audiences in China

  • Provides high-performance advertising sales solutions for multi-channel media companies designed to streamline advertising operations, improve transparency, and increase profits

  • Sircle is a technology company focused on inspiring great marketing moments in a highly data driven fashion

  • ADvendio


    Providing advertising sales management solutions for publishers and media companies to increase efficiency in premium advertising sales

  • Brandmuscle


    Helps brands capitalize on opportunities and local market conditions with brand-compliant, customized marketing across all mediums and formats

  • Marin Software

    Marin Software

    Develops integrated ad management platform for automated search, social, and display advertising

  • Operative


    Brings together TV and digital ad management for media companies and publishers worldwide

  • WideOrbit


    Provider of end-to-end solutions that help companies manage advertising operations more efficiently and profitably