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Top 10 Ad Management Solution Companies - 2018

Advertisements are an integral part of any business. Whether broadcasted publicly or through cross-selling, advertisements often make or break a product’s success and how it is received by the masses. Owing to this trend, ad management has evolved into a standalone business of its own. It is providing content creators an opportunity to show case their expertise on presenting a product or service in the most appealing and enticing manner.

Various multi-media platforms today offer diverse channels for ad hosting and ad management through the monetization of content. Ads are now become the primary source of earning for numerous social media content creators. With the rise of hand-held and mobile devices, consumption of content on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram has grown exponentially. Automated content management solutions have paved the way for revenue generation from multiple channels. Subscription-based content and pay-per-view services are offered across various platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, or similar content delivery systems, allowing creators to diversify their monetization strategies. Due to such advancements in the ad management space, various solution providers are gearing up to deliver different strategies to maximize the ad space available on these disparate content hosting platforms.

Marketing Tech Outlook‘s current edition lists “Top 10 Ad Management Solution Providers - 2018” to help businesses implement the best technologies. The list presents to you some of the most prominent organizations in the Ad Management landscape, capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them extensively. Companies can ramp up their operations for greater success by getting guided by the eminent solution providers.

    Top Ad Management Solution Companies

  • Offers a digital advertising platform that leverages machine learning and data analytics to predict consumers’ behavior online and drive conversions

  • Redefining the meaning of trust between advertisers and affiliates

  • Leverages both technology and human review to safely and efficiently scale video ad campaigns

  • AdColony


    A mobile advertising and marketing platform that provides a video advertising network with an engaged and responsive audience

  • AdDaptive Intelligence

    AdDaptive Intelligence

    Merges big data with advertising automation to help B2B marketers define, reach, and engage their ideal customers

  • AppLovin


    Provides the one place app developers to find all the tools they need to create great apps, which gives equality, efficiency, expertise, and edge

  • Marin Software

    Marin Software

    Provides enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies to evaluate, manage and optimize their ad spend

  • Mobvista


    A mobile content distribution and advertising platform that provides user acquisition, analytics and monetization solutions to mobile developers globally

  • QuanticMind


    Delivers an intelligent, scalable, and fast platform for maximizing advertising performance by leveraging machine learning to drive predictive analytics

  • RhythmOne


    Connects audiences with brands by using a combination of customer insights, audience segmentation, targeting technology, and premium demand relationships