Adform: Driving Innovation through Digital Advertising

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$alt_name"Gustav Mellentin, CEO & Co-Founder
A shift in consumer opinions and demands for more customized and relevant advertisements has put the stakes high for advertisers and brands to deliver maximum value to their consumers through their products and services. A simple advertisement such as pamphlets, billboards, TV is no longer enough to satisfy the consumer. With growing digital marketing trends such as omnichannel marketing, programmatic advertising, data ownership, AI, chatbots, and so on, today’s consumer demands personalized and interactive content. This ongoing digital consumerism is propelling advertisers to advance how they use ad technology to its fullest potential, through automation. In 2002, three code-writing engineers—Gustav Mellentin, Jakob Bak, and Stefan Juricic laid the foundation for Adform—a renowned Denmark-based advertising technology company—on the forefront of this emerging revolution. Adform offers an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for sellers to automate digital advertising. “For 17 years, we have driven innovation within digital advertising. We are proud to offer one of the most complete and technologically sophisticated platforms on the market while providing unique consultancy and roll-out services that our clients love and trust,” says Gustav Mellentin, co-founder and CEO, Adform.

Backed by an open approach, Adform’s integrated Buy Side Platform enables each product to deliver strong standalone capabilities seamlessly pairs with other platforms for enhanced results. With data ownership gaining importance, advertisers, agencies, publishers, and tech providers are on a quest to seek more control over their data. Adform’s Data Management Platform (DMP) helps clients gain control over their data by coordinating and utilizing a large amount of siloed data and converting it for real-time, effective decision making.
The platform also provides access to the most valuable audience segments from global premium branded sources and creates a single consumer profile based on cross-device campaigns.

We are proud to offer one of the most complete and technologically sophisticated platforms on the market while providing unique consultancy and roll-out services that our clients love and trust

Where DMP provides access to consumer profiles, the Demand Side Platform captures the data needed to target the ideal user through any format across multiple screens. Advertisers can now easily target their audience by utilizing first and third-party data, such as internet service provider (ISP), location, behavior, context, device, and keywords to spot out the buyers that are most likely to engage, click, or convert. By leveraging Bid Multipliers and Dynamic Budget Allocation, the platform optimizes the impact and effectiveness of campaigns with advanced viewability, tracking, and controls.

Adform also provides its clients with an innovative platform—Ad Serving—that opens the door to infinite global opportunities by maximizing the reach and return of their ad spend. Ad Serving offers advanced media planning tools, endless customization options, comprehensive omnichannel reporting, and over 80 self-service videos, mobile, and desktop templates to give meaning to each ad campaign. The platform is empowering advertisers to present compelling custom-tailored product stories to inspire each consumer with its dynamic creative capabilities, thereby augmenting their ad spend and attaining control.

With its unique, passionate, and talented team of experts, Adform takes pride in delivering excellent services to its clients by turning problems into solutions and questions into answers. “Creativity is as central to advertising as it has ever been, and it’s infinitely more powerful when combined with great intelligence and automation. That’s why we have invested in building creativity, data, and trading capabilities into one platform that is worth more than the sum of its parts,” adds Mellentin.