Advangelists: Delivering a Consolidated Ad-Tech Operating System

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$alt_name"Deep Katyal, CEO
“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

This quote by the advertising tycoon David Ogilvy, perfectly illustrates the efficacy of subtle yet persuasive ad campaigns compared to today’s pop-up and banner ads. However, the creation of effective advertising campaigns requires the planning and execution of numerous tasks, which are fragmented across multiple siloed systems, and often not found within the ambit of one ad agency. As a result, the tasks are segmented in terms of media buying, content creation, feedback monitoring, and more, and scattered among experts of the field that use specific tools to complete the piece of business. Although the approach is not entirely futile, advertisers often express their discontent with this method as it requires extensive coordination between advertisers and multiple vendors to combine the tasks of the disparate teams. At this juncture, all an advertising agency can wish for is a solution that can coalesce different advertising functionalities in one integrated system. With a mission to be the answer to advertisers’ woes, New York-based Advangelists developed a unique ad-tech ‘operating system’—a platform that merges all traditionally-fragmented ad-tech tools.

Elaborating the core competencies of the ad-tech operating system, Deep Katyal, CEO of Advangelists, compares their novel solution with a computer OS. He points out that similar to an OS that manages the hardware and software components of a computer, Advangelists’ platform handles all the critical components of an ad campaign. “Instead of controlling and allocating memory, our solution allocates advertising budget,” he explains. The platform enables the programmatic buying of ad inventory while optimizing the process of managing the placement of ad creatives. A one-stop solution, Advangelists’ platform allows its clients to automate redundant tasks and efficiently manage the campaigns by leveraging advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, thereby reducing manpower required to buy, launch, traffic, and optimize media.
A case in point is an advertiser that handles location-based advertising campaigns. Initially, the advertising company utilized several ad-tech products to manage their ad campaigns, which often resulted in budget overruns and caused a significant reduction in profitability. With Advangelists’ platform, the advertiser was able to execute various tasks using only one solution—minimizing drainage of additional resources—and increasing profitability by 50 percent.

The secret sauce of Advangelists’ platform is its innovative AdCop feature. AdCop allows Advangelists to build and integrate new features—that the ad industry would require— directly into its platform. For instance, there are lot of ad tech solutions in the market like ad fraud detection, integrated location attribution, audience targeting, and a marketing firm wants to unite all of those solutions together. “We build those additional modules for our clients using AdCop, without any extra cost,” says Katyal. In doing so, Advagelists eliminates the need to license third-party services and the additional costs that follow.

That being said, Advangelists’ uses AI to imbue transparency into the conventionally opaque ad campaign development processes. “Unlike other AI-powered solutions that utilize the technology as a black box, Advagelists allows users to see every detail of the operations,” highlights Katyal. As a result, Advangelists enables advertisers to view how the company’s AI framework helps in the allocation of funds to facilitate timely decisions, and improve ad performance and campaign accuracy.

Today, Advangelists’ unparalleled success in enhancing the efficacy of ad campaigns is credited to the company’s integration with Mobiquity Technologies—who recently purchased the company—and its top leadership team. For instance, Deep Katyal along with Lokesh Mehta, CTO of Advangelists, have leveraged their extensive experience in developing technology assets to consolidate Ad-Tech capabilities within Advangelists’ platform. “Our team’s knowledge of the Ad space is paramount,” says Katyal, and making use of their innate profienciencies in understanding fragmented ad tech solutions, Advangelists’ team was able to develop a consolidated ad tech platform.

Constantly building upon the solution’s unique facets, Advangelists is currently focusing on consolidating client’s data repositories to further enhance the efficiency of the ad-tech OS. Moreover, Advangelists is also working on incorporating more ad inventories into its solution to open newer avenues for marketing that deliver better outcomes. With the platform’s unified architecture and use of AI in a transparent manner, Advangelists envisions the development of the next generation of advertising campaigns.