Doceree: Mainstreaming Pharma Marketing Via Large Endemic Network

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Harshit Jain, Founder &CEO, DocereeHarshit Jain, Founder &CEO
The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years, and what has played a key role in bringing about the evolution is the digital wave that swept through almost every possible business channel. But some areas still remained untouched. And that’s one gap, Doceree is plugging with its first-of-its-kind Ad Exchange platform for healthcare professional (HCP) marketing.

Headquartered in New York, Doceree is helping pharmaceutical brands, media agencies, and Digital Platforms reach HCPs seamlessly. Powered by its patented AI engine, Espyian, the Doceree platform can target over 1 million physicians across the US. Its AI algorithm can understand doctors' behavior and ensure that every HCP profile is taken into consideration during a campaign.

“We launched this platform in 2019 in the US and are currently expanding to India. Within such a short period, we have been able to grab the market's attention owing to our precision targeting & self-service platform capability,” says Harshit Jain, the Founder &CEO.

Who does Doceree serve?

The platform has been designed to serve three different types of entities:

1) Digital Platforms visited by Physicians/endemic publishers
2) Media agencies
3) Pharmaceutical brands

Doceree divides the endemic platforms into five different groups. a) Medical journals and other education providers; b) Electronic health records; c) Physician networking platforms; d) Telehealth or virtual consultation platforms; and e) Groups that include medical associations.

Doceree’s Unique Offering

For years, endemic media has been receiving lower advertising investment when compared to its non-endemic counterparts.
Less than five percent of endemic platforms, all over the world, are programmatic. So, what’s Doceree doing to spruce it up:

1. It is allowing endemic publishers to precision target HCPs based on their specialty, location, geography, and experience. Furthermore, publishers can control and manage a wide range of advertising assets, be it GIF, html banners, emails or videos, from a single source. Through Doceree’s comprehensive dashboard, they can understand other contextual behaviors, including the performance of assets or effectiveness of advertisements.

2. It is helping media agencies who run non-personal promotion (NPP) campaigns for pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare brands, medical device manufacturers, and hospitals. Such entities have long been struggling owing to the ‘black box’ model of digital marketing. Often, marketers only manage to have a report on the number of impressions or clicks at the end of a campaign, which never allowed them to optimize their marketing strategy. To this end, Doceree provides a robust dashboard that enables marketing agencies to understand the effectiveness of a campaign or when to change the targeting criteria or message, all in real-time. For example, by leveraging the sequential communication models, marketers can drive the audience to the conversion funnel in a streamlined manner.

“If a user is exposed to the same message frequently, he won't convert. As opposed to this, our AI engine can turn physicians into customers through a sequential communication model and this is exactly what our clients want,” Jain comments. Furthermore, the platform enables media agencies to manage NPP campaigns for diverse brands from a single point. This translates to efficiencies and greater cost-saving.

3. It is encouraging pharmaceutical brands to advertise on digital platforms. “Consumer brands spend 50 percent of their total budget in digital advertising, and this number is less than five percent in the case of pharmaceutical brands,” says Jain. Through the Doceree platform, he adds, they can target and zero in on HCPs through their Rx behavior and formulary access by utilizing advanced targeting tools. “More importantly, pharmaceutical brands can have a real-time understanding of their spending through the performance dashboard.”

With such a unique offering, Doceree has drawn a comprehensive roadmap for both vertical and horizontal expansion. From a geographical standpoint, the company is focusing on broader Asian and European markets beyond India& US to allow global brands to tap into this publisher network.
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New York, NY

Harshit Jain, Founder &CEO

Doceree is the world’s first Programmatic Advertising Exchange, exclusively for marketing to Healthcare Professionals. Headquartered in NY, U.S. The Advertising Exchange brings demand-side and supply-side together for healthcare professional HCP (healthcare professional) advertising on a simple self-service interface and helps brands harness the full potential of HCP engagement on standalone Endemic Publisher platforms. Powered by patented technology- Espyian an AI engine, the Doceree’s platform helps in maximizing HCP engagement for Media Agencies, Brands and Publishers. With Doceree, the company aims to address the acute problem of rising cost of healthcare by bringing in efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare marketing by using data and creativity